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Salt bath processes


LCM Salt bath plants for the curing of rubber profiles

Newly developed, environment - friendly salt bath curing technique from Durferrit GmbH.

In recent years ecological requirements have brought about developments which have opened completely new perspectives, also for the DURFERRIT salt bath technology with more than 75 years of experience.

In addition to the introduction of environment-friendly salts for thermo chemical heat treatment processes, the periphery of salt bath plant techniques has also experienced some charge.



New salt bath plants operate without effluence occuring. This means, that the treated parts are rinsed thoroughly, using a minimum of fresh water, in a cascade washing system, and that the relatively small amount of rinsing water can be processed very economically. The recycled salts can be used again. Should a recycling not be possible, the salts concerned must be desposed of in accordence with the local regulations. Durferrit GmbH will of course be glad to help customers to find suitable solutions to their problems.

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