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Salt bath equipment

Our product range includes salt bath furnaces for laboratories use with an effective volume of 8 litres up to industrial scale equipment with a volume of over 100 m3. According to requirements, the plants can be operated manually or with an automatic charge transport device. Using charge documentation, all process details can be recorded and archived at any time.

Our product range also includes plants for solution treatment of aluminium, for metal cleaning and for steam tempering.

SaltbathSalt bath technology has many important advantages; whatever metallurgical structures or component properties are required, salt bath equipment will ensure high quality, reproducible results with every charge regardless of weather a single component or high volume production is being treated.

Ecological and economic aspects are increasingly important when choosing a thermal treatment plant. The use of cascade washing systems dramatically reduces the quantity of water required and salt reclamation systems recover salt often for re-use.

Gas-Fired Salt Bath Furnaces



Salt bath furnaces for salt bath nitrocarburizing -

gas-fired equipment is only offered
in exceptional cases


Salt bath furnaces for salt reclamation

salt reclamation furnace up to (280°C)
Type SWVg or SWVrg


Salt bath furnaces for carburizing, hardening and annealing up to 950°C and for quenching and tempering up to 650°C

Salt bath, type STCg, with or
without exhaust gas pre-heater
Type LSag

Circular or rectangular salt bath for
quenching and / or tempering
Type STQg, STAg, STAQg, SWQg or SWAg


Tanks For Cooling, Cleaning & Protection

For cooling

Cold water tank for quench tank
Type ASB
Draining tank for cooling charge to room temperature
Type ATB
Air-cooling tank with blower
Type LAB 

For cleaning

Hot water cascade for washing components
Type HWK


For protection

Tanks for corrosion protection fluids and
dewatering fluids
Type IB or DFB



Equipments & Consumables



Salt bath processes


LCM Salt bath plants for the curing of rubber profiles

Newly developed, environment - friendly salt bath curing technique from Durferrit GmbH.

In recent years ecological requirements have brought about developments which have opened completely new perspectives, also for the DURFERRIT salt bath technology with more than 75 years of experience.

In addition to the introduction of environment-friendly salts for thermo chemical heat treatment processes, the periphery of salt bath plant techniques has also experienced some charge.



New salt bath plants operate without effluence occuring. This means, that the treated parts are rinsed thoroughly, using a minimum of fresh water, in a cascade washing system, and that the relatively small amount of rinsing water can be processed very economically. The recycled salts can be used again. Should a recycling not be possible, the salts concerned must be desposed of in accordence with the local regulations. Durferrit GmbH will of course be glad to help customers to find suitable solutions to their problems.

Equipments & Consumables


In addition to coating equipment, HEF offers:

  • Coating materials - Metallic, Cermet, Ceramic targets 
  • Spare parts and subsets - Sources, fixtures, etc
  • Technical support - Training, maintenance contract, etc
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